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Why lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate soda good cleaning products

Oct 31

This all-natural, homemade disinfectant is easy to make and will have your kitchen counters gleaming in no time. The lemon scent will also perfume your kitchen beautifully.


Using Vinegar to Clean

Looking for a natural and effective way to clean your home? Look no further than vinegar! This household staple can be used to clean and deodorize almost as well as most all-purpose cleaners. To use, simply mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and use on most areas of your home. Don't worry about the vinegar smell - it will dissipate as it dries!

Using Lemons to Clean

Lemon juice is a natural substance that can be used for cleaning your home inside and out. You can use it to dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits, and it's also great for shining brass and copper. Lemon juice can also be used to treat stains - given its natural bleaching qualities - but it's always best to test it out on a hidden area first, just in case the lemon juice ends up lightening the fabric more than you'd like.


Using Bicarbonate soda to Clean

Baking soda is an effective and versatile cleaner. You can use it to scrub surfaces, just like with commercial non-abrasive cleaners. It's also great as a deodorizer - perfect for the refrigerator, freezer, or anywhere else that needs a little freshening up. Just put a box of baking soda where you need it and let it do its magic.



Lemon juice - the natural bleach

Lemon juice can act as a natural bleach, making it an excellent cleaning agent for removing tough stains on enameled plates and cups.


Why are they the best to clean with?

Perhaps the most universal use of vinegar, lemons, and baking soda is to remove grease and grime from kitchen appliances, especially those made of stainless steel. 


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