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How to Select a Window Cleaning Company

Sep 3

DIY window cleaning can lead to many problems. A poor technique, inadequate window cleaning equipment and lack of knowledge are just a few. Not to mention that cleaning your windows by yourself can be dangerous.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "The United States leads in ladder fatalities." Each year, more than 164,000 people are treated in an emergency room for injuries from falling from ladders. There are also 300 deaths due to falls from ladders.

Professional window cleaners may be the best option. How do I choose the right company? We've asked you several questions to help find the perfect company for you.

Selecting a Top-Notched Window Cleaning Business in Naples, FL

  1. Do they have the latest equipment for window cleaning?

Although many professionals claim they can do a quality job and have modern equipment, this may not be true.  uses both the latest in water fed technology and squeegees. The window cleaning tools do not require the use of ladders. They also provide streak-free results.

  1. Do they have experience?

You can make all kinds of claims about your company's services and experience, but it doesn't really matter if they deliver what they promised. Since 1996 we have served over 20,000 clients throughout the Charlotte, Ballantyne & Concord areas. We've earned a reputation for quality, efficiency, and friendliness over this period, which our customers love talking about.

  1. Do they offer any specialty services?

Every window is unique and therefore requires different attention. Our specialty service is dedicated to storm windows. These thick, fragile sheets of glass should be treated with extreme care. Storm windows can be handled by some companies, but we treat them the same way as any of our other services.

  1. What kind of window-cleaning products are they using?

It is important to look at the products used on your windows when selecting a window cleaning company. Harsh chemical can damage windows and decrease their lifespan. For the best shine, we use a chemical-less process with deionized water. This process is better for your windows as well as the environment.

Isn't it time you got rid of the tedious task of cleaning windows by yourself? Naples Window Cleaning professionals are available for a free quote on your home and business.


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