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How to Clean a Vacation Rental?

Jun 2

How Do you Clean a Vacation Rental?

Many people like renting vacation homes to travel. They are less expensive than hotels and have ample space for all. But, you do not wish to arrive at your rental property and discover that it requires a good cleaning before you can stay there! We will provide suggestions for cleaning your vacation rental home to ensure that you don't leave the smells of dirt waiting to be discovered.

How to Avoid Dirt and Odors from your Vacation Rental?

Many people like renting vacation homes to travel. Many are renting these properties because it's less expensive than staying in hotels, and there is always plenty of room for the whole family. It is not a good idea to be dissatisfied when you get to your rental property to find it needs some renovation before you're allowed to stay.

We will provide suggestions for cleaning your vacation rental property so that you don't have smells or dirt waiting for you. In order to keep your vacation house neat throughout your stay ensure you follow these basic tips:

- Avoid using carpets that are dirty.

- As soon as possible, wipe away any dirt.

- Clean floors frequently.

- Keep kitchens clean of dishes that are dirty.

- Make use of a vacuum cleaner as often as you are able to.

- Use dryer sheets to ensure that your home is left smelling fresh.

- Clean up counters and tables frequently.

- Make sure that the food plates are clean between guests.

Prior to your arrival, clean surfaces.

One of the most crucial steps is to disinfect the surfaces. This will make it much easy to clean and will stop odors and dirt from building up over time. It would help to clean the windows, fan, and storage areas. When you are bringing your personal belongings in, make sure you vacuum all carpets. This will reduce the unpleasant odors. Clean the bathrooms and kitchen appliances to make sure they are clean for guests.


Since they are exposed to dirt, floors can get dirty, especially in kitchens that feature tiles or stone floors. To eliminate dirt, clean the floors regularly. A vacuum or mop would be a good alternative. It is important to disinfect them as well. If the floor is dirty it can be difficult to keep your property tidy.

Dusting & Cleaning Windows

It is important to clean the windows to ensure that your renters can see the beauty of the house. Regular cleaning of windows will increase the amount of light and ventilation in rooms. After rain or dew has been able to pass through windows, let them dry completely. You can use vinegar and water solution to wipe them down and then dry them using soft clothes such as T-shirts from the past or clothes.


There is no need to clean any marks or smudges from walls that have been properly cleaned. It is possible to use a moist cloth for this, but it is essential not to leave puddles of water on the surfaces as they may be damaged by moisture or staining that is difficult to get rid of. These methods work with all flooring materials, so be sure to remember them when you move from one room to the next in your rental.

Tips for Keeping Your Apartment clean and fresh.

Bring your cleaning equipment: Vacation rentals should be cleaned at least every week and more often during peak times if there is a high guest turnover. That means that whenever it's you can, all owners and managers should utilize their local professional cleaners who will be available weekly or even daily based on demand for specific properties and seasons. To avoid odors and dirt from causing problems for guests to come back, it is essential to wash thoroughly after each check-out, prior to the arrival of new guests. arrive - especially in the event that they stay longer than a single night.

Be sure to have the correct equipment: Maintaining your home for vacation neat and tidy between tenants is a breeze with an ongoing cleaning contract with a professional cleaning firm or one with previous experience working with several properties. The most effective tool for this job is to make use of a reliable, well-reviewed website like, where potential customers can read reviews from others who have utilized the service before, and be confident that the job will be completed right each time.

Cleanse cobwebs: One of the main features of many cleaning products is the strong chemical scent. It can leave a scent that lingers on bedding, clothing, and furniture. It is important to study the labels of the products you use for cleaning to make sure they're safe and non-toxic for your family, particularly when there are children.

Avoid harsh chemicals: There are various ways that are chemical-free to make your property smell good to tenants. The quickest and easiest fix is using vinegar, baking soda, or even kitty litter to soak up the smells of baking in the oven, which should be turned off completely prior to vacating after each rental. Another simple method to keep down lingering odors that may leave an unpleasant scent after cleaning if you've got pets is activated charcoal which can be used to solve this issue as well!

Utilize natural cleaning products: One good way to keep dirt levels low during the summer months while providing guests with a clean and tidy space that they can spend their time in is to use natural cleaners. It is accomplished by adding 1 cup of white vinegar to one-gallon water and essential oils like lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, or citrus.

Make use of a vacuum cleaner: Vacuum cleaners are an important part of your arsenal to quickly and easily get rid of dirt from any kind of surface found throughout each room. But, not every kind of vacuum is made equally! It isn't easy to maneuver upright models while standing, especially when you have multiple floors.

Keep your home smelling fresh: Dryer sheets can be stored in drawers or closets to help keep them dry. But this won't remove bad smells such as the urine of pets which may persist after cleaning. The best option is to place a bowl of vinegar and baking soda inside the places where your pets sleep. It will take a few minutes for the smell to disappear.

Keep a well-stocked pantry: Finally, if you have any pets living within your home it is essential to keep the food dishes clean and filled with fresh water for each guest so that there are no lingering odors from pet feces or hair left behind after guests arrive next week. It's the same for dirty pet toys - Clean them often and then store them away from the ground away from where guests will be walking around during their stay. This is especially important if kids underfoot try to make use of these items as play equipment while they're out exploring during their vacation with their parents!

Hire a Professional Cleaner like NW Maids: You can also employ professionals who know how vital cleanliness is within the homes of vacationers. They are equipped with all the right tools to ensure that every square inch of your home is tidy and ready for visitors when they return for their next holiday. These tips will still be useful to future renters. But hiring someone else to clean your space can allow you to spend more time on other essential tasks.


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